Carla Guler for Harper’s Bazaar with Antonina Petkovic

Carla Guler for Harper’s Bazaar with Antonina Petkovic

Having trouble loading film in your new Diana Mini? Here we have a simple tutorial on how to load your movie properly to ensure perfect images every time.

If you love your digital camera but become more serious when it comes to photography, you probably bought a mini (or similar camera) to extend your photography capabilities. Or if you used film before and decide to come back to this wonderful style. You're probably here for the same reason.

Loading the movie into a diana mini can be very confusing when you first buy it. But when you learn the easy way, it can't be easier. The first thing you should do is take a few blank pictures to make sure everything is working properly.

Pull off the back cover with the lever that says lomography on the bottom, put the new roll with 35 mm film on the left side down, drag some film over the camera and adjust it with the chain until it goes past the yellow line. But you should still make sure that you do not pull out a lot of film because the spider cannot grab your film.

Once you have the film focused on the sprockets, turn the front wheel in the direction the arrow is pointing. It may take a couple of attempts to get the film spinning properly, this causes most problems even for experienced lomographers. I usually give it a half turn to make sure it promotes the movie properly and doesn't end with a mess at the end.

Once you have set the movie and its progress correctly, always double-check that the movie still sits on the sensor sprocket "right under the viewfinder". When all is well, just turn back the pressure plate, slide the lid so it's closed properly and you're ready to shoot!

When you have shot the entire roll and are ready to develop your lomographs, press the reset button which is the little pin on the lower right side and you will hear a click. Pull back the handle of the film and gently spin it. Be careful in this step, there should be no resistance. If there is resistance, hold down the reset button while rewinding the film.

Have fun shooting with your Diana Mini, we hope this little direction worked for everyone!