If you think dating on the Internet is like a high street store, your online profile would be like a window and the average guy can decide if he wants to come in and browse within a few seconds.

Of course, your first priority is to choose a good, honest photo of yourself, it's both flattering and an accurate picture of what you really look like. It should preferably not be a professional studio photo shoot, but a well-lit photo taken by a good friend. Ideally, this should be a man who can see you at your best and bring out the best in you on camera.

If you already have a photo that you and other people like, use it, but it must be less than a year old and reflect your current look, ie. hair color, length etc.

Do not use photos that have anyone else in them, whether it is a guy or a girl, as it will cause confusion and divert a man's attention from what you want him to focus on - you!

Do not be tempted to use a suggestive or partially dressed photo as you will not be taken seriously and may attract the wrong kind of attention. Choose a head and shoulder shot so you can see clearly and easily again.

The next thing is to think of a few keywords that reflect your personality and once you have chosen them, arrange them in short phrases that will perfectly describe you. It is then your job to construct a nice profile from these phrases, which contains an interesting fact about you that can stimulate a response or illegally a positive comment.

Do not try to make it too smart and it does not read like an academic essay, because even the smartest guys will just be on the site looking for a date, not a supervisor for a dissertation.

Tell the truth about yourself but generalize and hold back something so you have things to talk about on your date. Your personal information should not be published at this time, so keep it friendly but beautifully vague.

Use interesting descriptive words such as aromatic, exotic, lively and romantic when describing food, colors or places. That way you will stand out from the rest by seasoning your phraseology.

Be specific about the type of man you are looking for, so instead of saying, "I'm looking for a guy with a good sense of humor," say something like, "I'm interested in finding a guy between 30-40, who has the ability to make me laugh, has a goat's beard, long hair and rides on a Harley, so if you fit that description, email me today. "

What you do here is to filter out the guys that you are not interested in immediately without having to spend time finding out that they are not your type and then thinking of an excuse to let them go.

You also tell them what to do next by creating an invitation. It reduces the amount of time they will spend scratching their heads and deciding how to proceed to the next step.

Spend some time looking at other people's profiles and thinking about the ones you like and what makes them stand out and learn some tips from them.

Above all, be yourself and be positive and even humorous, as long as your humor is harmless and innocent and brings out the appealing aspects of your character.